The Great New Orleans Gun Grab The Great New Orleans Gun Grab The Great New Orleans Gun Grab The Great New Orleans Gun Grab


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The Great New Orleans Gun Grab
The Great New Orleans Gun GrabThe Great New Orleans Gun Grab
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August 29, 2005, was a day no American will ever forget. When Hurricane Katrina, one of the top five-strongest storms ever to build in the Atlantic Basin, slammed into the city of New Orleans, her towering storm surge tested the limits of the flood walls and levees protecting one of America’s largest cities. The surge would find them lacking.

As the city filled and drowned, it descended into mass hysteria and anarchy, and within hours became a place that would reveal to Americans whether their Constitution had any more value than the frayed, fragile, brown parchment on which it is written.

As looters and thugs took over, the city’s leaders turned their crosshairs and iron sights toward the lawful, gun-toting citizens who sought nothing more than to defend themselves from the marauding hordes. In what proved to be the greatest real-life test case of the Second Amendment in American history, America failed miserably.

The Great New Orleans Gun Grab tells the story of New Orleans residents who legally defied mandatory evacuation orders to protect their property, and who were subsequently beaten, harassed and robbed of their guns by the very civil authority that was funded and charged to protect them.

“A compelling story that needs to be told so Americans never forget. This book exposes the abuse of authority and the order to go door to door, confiscating firearms from law-abiding citizens at a time when they needed them most. It’s the closest this country has ever come to becoming the next ‘England’ and denying citizens the right to self-defense. A human drama of what will happen if we let it.”
— Ginny Simone, host of NRA News
“Gordon Hutchinson and Todd Masson have offered a gripping, detailed account of what can only be described as an American constitutional outrage, the warrantless seizure of firearms from law-abiding citizens, without probable cause or due process. We’re proud to have taken this case to court and stopped the gun grab.”
— Alan Gottlieb, founder, Second Amendment Foundation
“Hutchinson and Masson have nailed it. ‘The Great New Orleans Gun Grab’ is a blistering indictment of everything that went wrong before, during and especially after the hurricane. It’s all here, the incompetence, misconduct and abuse of authority; everything that should make American citizens shudder.”
— Dave Workman, senior editor, The New Gun Week
“An infuriating, fascinating and terrifying tale of good citizens victimized by criminal gangs and a criminal local government. After you read this book, you will know the deadly danger of believing, ‘It can’t happen here.’
— David B. Kopel, Director, Independence Institute
“This book blows open the dirty secret of power gone mad, corruption, and arrogance. Hurricane Katrina victims not only suffered from the storm, but were assaulted by the people who swore to protect them.”
— Gun Talk radio host Tom Gresham
“A chilling reminder of the indefatigable spirit of those who wish to deprive us of our most cherished liberties. A chilling yet beautifully written account.”
— Mike S. Adams,
Descent into Anarchy